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I just think that extremist comments like that are not the best way to convince new people that ID cards are bad. My own personal opinions on this are largely irrelevant - I am in no way advocating waiting until ID cards are brought in object (if you read my comments earlier taht might be clear!). I strongly believe it is such an important issue with objections on so many levels, that muddying the water with all these other issues that are relevant, but not key, puts off a lot of people who do not view the world in the same way. These people could be convinced by less extreme arguements against the use of ID cards. My comment on pre-emtive strikes related to suggestions that the gorvernment may use yesterdays events to force ID cards through, not to the discussion on more general terms.

And again - I repeat what I and may others have said here recently - by calling me 'sick' (despite the fact that I am against ID cards anyway) you really put people off. There are so many obvious flaws to the idea that personal, negative and inflammatory comments are not needed and undermine many of the reasoned, well-explained justifcations to objections already on here. This kind of discussion should be above petty insults.
Me, 15 years ago.

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