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Well I'm sure preaching to the converted here but just in case anyone reads this who questioning their pledge or deliberating signing up:

Yesterday's atrocities could not have been avoided by having ID cards. Nobody knows who terrorists are or where they are until they strike. Your next door neighbour could be a terrorist or a mate who you go drinking with who you've known for 30 years could be one. That's how terrorism works and why it's called terrorism.

Take Oklahoma in America it was one of there own did that (but they were very quick to point the finger at Arab states). Timothy McVae (the perpetrator) even served in their armed forces so he was certainly known to the US government but it didn't stop him blowing up the FBI building.

ID Solves nothing it just provides a single point of failure in an already flawed society.

Who ever made the comment about staying focused is right on target. We have to stay focused and we have to stay united if this is going to work. Any factions forming with the group or any in fighting only serve to damage our cause. ID cards are part of a bigger picture but that is not the point of this site.

We should avoid flaming and for those that come on here to try and wind us up with there pro-id card comments we should try to explain in the nicest possible way, why they are wrong.
Duane Phillips, 15 years ago.

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