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Voice said yesterday evening "This site censors comments" and certainly my last comment did not appear at all - but that could just have been an error on my part or a glitch. I think it's crucially important to stick to the question of ID cards, and not get distracted into divisive arguments on other issues. It doesn't matter why these people, whoever they are, wanted to carry out mass murder on the Tube - if it's not fanaticism of one kind, it will be fanaticism of another kind. The central question is whether the government's scheme for ID cards would be a cost effective means of preventing such barbaric attacks. I've thought long and hard about this since yesterday morning, and I still cannot see HOW it would achieve that objective, which we all share. More Transport Police, yes, I can see that an unattended knapsack containing a bomb might have been detected in time if there were more police on patrol in the Tube, and in any case that would also address its real and apparently growing problem of problem of "ordinary" crime so it would be value for money even without the threat of terrorism. But ID cards - precisely HOW, in detailed practical terms, would ID cards be used to prevent another attack, and at what cost?
Denis Cooper, 14 years ago.

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