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London Victim - we wish you and all those injured a speedy recovery.

Have you considered that (by a rough calculation) - just the interest from £20 Billion would provide for some 2000 full time police, who would be (imho) significantly more effective in stopping such attacks, than an ID card, forgeable, and availiable to all at a price.

This takes no account of any ongoing costs of running the scheme, this is just the startup and implementation costs. Of course, most of this will be reclaimed from us the public, when we have to buy these things to get a passort. Who's going to explain to my kids that we cannot go on holiday abroad this year, because our 5 identity cards (which we will need) have cost £ 500 ? £ 1000 ? £ 1500 ?

Of course what we don't pay directly will be made up by a reduction in public service spending. Where will those savings come from? The police? So we'll cut spending of police to introduce ID cards to improve security in the fight against terrorism! That seems a convoluted logic to me.

Mark, 15 years ago.

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