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It is not my intention to patronise people of different views to mine but I am concerned that the ID Card Bill if passed will create an "internal passport" that is more sophisticated than that of the former Soviet Union and a surveillance system that would have been the envy of the German Democratic Republic. Make no mistake, I do not like identity cards but the real threat is the National Identity Register (NIR). Fully implemented, it would mean that no transaction whether accessing a public service or buying or selling goods or services could be made without reference to the NIR. This for me is very sinister and gives the State enormous power. A cursory glance at history and the World today shows that such power is usually abused. Even if this government can be trusted with this there is no guarantee that a future government would not abuse this power. It is our children (and their children) who will pay if we get this wrong, which is why I oppose the ID Card Bill.
Paul Turner, 15 years ago.

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