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I don't think the comments were necessarily directed at you, Nashboy. I think that ID cards aren't common sense but you do, and that's one arguement that is very difficult to counter to people who believe it.

I think the comments by me, Eleanor and Tony were trying to stop people being being 'flamed' because if you can't have a rational, reasoned arguement, you won't ever convince anyone of anything. I think people should just try to stick to ID cards on this forum, and not stray too far into other issues.

I don't think that inflammatory language from either side helps and a lot of people agree with ID cards. I want to able to express to them the concerns without villifying 'opposition' as ignorant or stupid. You may be interpreting comments that atually make your point in a different way than they were intended - sorry that that wasn't clear from me.
Me, 15 years ago.

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