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Well said, "Me". At the moment a lot of the comments on here are potentially counterproductive to the single "I do not want an ID card under any circumstances" issue (which I'll term The Issue) for (at least) two reasons.

1) People considering signing up to this pledge are signing up in approval of The Issue. They may be doing so for cost reasons, they may be doing so because they are philosophically or morally opposed to ID cards; they may be doing so for other reasons. Whatever reason they have for approving of The Issue, there is no guarantee that they are in agreement with (or indeed understand) any of the other theories being aired here. So some people who might otherwise sign up to The Issue are not going to do so either because they disagree or because they're frightened off.

2) The Issue has opponents. Be they Governmental (and of course the major, and probably only wholehearted, sponsor of ID cards is HMG) or otherwise, some of the more radical theories being proposed here are meat and drink to allow those opponents to say "look at the kind of people who oppose ID cards" and apply mud-slinging tactics.

This is a single issue. The issue is that proposed by Phil Booth at the top of the page. This is not a matter of censorship, "Voice", it is a matter of pragmatism. Those signing up don't want ID cards (I personally don't care why not - for moral reasons, for cost reasons or even in the unlikely event that they do indeed have something to hide). None of their reasons are my business and not yours either. You are in a sense preaching to the converted here anyway.

If you feel you have had some sort of epiphany then by all means "go tell it on the mountain" but please don't dilute the message that this pledge is about. If you really want to convert the unbeliever you'd be better off emailing Bush and Blair anway.
Tony Walton, 15 years ago.

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