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All this conspiracy theory waffle achieves in the eyes of the government, is that it allows people who object to ID cards to be viewed as paranoid sensationalists. IT DOES NOT HELP THE DEBATE! However much you may believe it, and you are fully entitled to, you must realise that it's not the way to forge the arguement to try and gain wider understanding and agreement. You allow legitamate concerned individuals to be portrayed as 'conspiracy nuts'.

In the end, any debate, any politics is all about spin to a degree, and putting across the facts to sway an audience. ID cards will not stop people hell bent on causing harm, they will cost a fortune and a national database sends shivers down my spine. However, I do genuinely belive that Tony Blair thinks he is doing the right thing with them - he is utterly misguided, but has a very strong sense of protecting the UK.

I think that there are many posts on here recently (unlike the ones right back at the start which were centred on the specifics of the pledge) will do nothing to persuade people who can't see a fault with ID cards and may infact undermine other concerns. However strong your opinions may be, you have to put them to your audience to make them relevant to them, not just rant about how room 101 really exists. Today's events are horrific and should perhaps be talked about in a more empathetic tone, rather than suggesting that Tony Blair is analagous to Hitler.
Me, 15 years ago.

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