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Anyone attempting to alert pre Nazi Germany to the extremist plans that ultimately engulfed it could have been dismissed as 'conspiracy nuts' etc.
I can understand why some think it will be more effective to keep things simple and dedicated to the ID issue only, but you can't separate the ID card plan from the agenda that gives rise to it. The ID plan is a symptom not the disease. Have you considered what it actually means if there is any truth to the basic premise of 9/11 conspiracy theory? It means that we aren't going to be given a choice over ID or any other state oppression, they will use whatever means necessary to force it through and nothing short of open rebellion on a mass scale will stop them. Ultimately it will come down to the people themselves to protect their inalienable god given right to liberty.
I predict it will come to this over the ID plans.I pray to be proven wrong.But if and when the people are required to fight for their liberty it is essential they know the seriousness of the threat they face which means knowing more than that which only relates to the ID plans.If people don't see the bigger picture they won't appreciate the true magnitude of the threat from the ID plan
Finally many of the claims of 9/11 conspiracy are fact not theory. And When does something become truth? when the mainstream media says it is?
When it's been proven at the Nuremberg trials?
It is no less true before! It just hasn't been through any of the processes that create a 'truth' in the consciousness of the mass public.
Acelin, 15 years ago.

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