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Sadly I cannot be certain that I will be able afford the £10, otherwise I'd sign up. That said I will happily be amongst, if not the first to be arrested whilst peacefully protesting in defence of our right to privacy.

I do this not solely for myself, but also for future generations who would have *fewer* rights and who would in essence ,be born on the "United Kingdom Prison Island".

My father and my grandfather who both served in our armed forces are probably spinning in their respective graves at the very notion that such a system is being proposed.

I am not a historian, but in order to help support peacefull protest, perhaps someone with the relevant knowledge can pinpoint the "turning point" that followed World War II that led the the removal of the id system that was at that time in place. This may give us some starting points on how to combat the current proposal. (Perhaps even a "Groklaw" esqe knowlede pool with reference to not only the past, but also to our local laws, those of the Europe and any other International treaties that could either help or hinder such a protest ?)
Matthew Snook, 15 years ago.

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