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"ID cards = common sense" - No, I don't think so.

We don't know exactly what they will be used for (scope of project), even if we did - no-one knows how the project could be rolled out (Implementation), and therefore no-one can even begin to guess at a time scale or cost.

Add to this we are meddling with unexplored (on a large scale) technologies, with unknown rates of degredation (biological) - and we are on a hiding to never delivering this project.

I'm sorry to keep avoiding the 'ethics' of this issue, but it must be scrapped on a matter of practicality.

We are after all not discussing the ethics of setting up a base on Mars, because we cannot yet solve the technological and logistical problems -but ID cards are different somehow - we haven't solved the Technological and logistical issues for them either -but the politicians want this so much -they are prepared to believe we have.

"ID cards = Bottomless pit of Taxpayers Money"

Mark, 15 years ago.

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