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In response to Matt White:

You're right Matt, arguing with us about the merits of ID cards is a waste of time. It doesn't matter if it only cost £1 to implement its the principal behind the project that matters.

Yes, the government may have a lot of the information on us that they are going to put on ID cards but at this moment in time it is quite difficult for them to produce a complete picture of an individual without some effort.

If they do have all the information why not issue us all with a numbered card for free like our NI cards and call them identity cards. Why the need for biometrics and why charge us for the privilege?

Look at the broader picture Matt, ID cards will not make the UK a safer place so what are they for? They are for control, to control your very existance. If you really believe you will benefit from ID cards just join the queue and collect your yellow star.

Like some of the previous posts said in order to get the population to believe they are under attack and they'll all fall in line behind you. Well ladies and gentlemen lets see what the spin doctors have to say over the next few days. How long will it be before we are branded traitors, subversives or even terrorists?
Duane Phillips, 15 years ago.

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