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Conspiracy? I doubt it, though it is possible that one or more security services had received prior warning and
failed to act on the information.
The simple truth is that the bombings were probably carried out when they were because the various security services had their resources focussed on securing the G8 summit and consequently dropped their guard in London.
However, one can be certain that the New Labour propaganda machine will cynically use this incident to maximum political advantage.
For example, we can expect Blair's government to claim that ID cards are an essential weapon in the fight against terrorism.
Those who remain opposed to the scheme on the grounds of cost, civil liberties etc. will be smeared as supporters of terrorism and by implication, enemies of the state.
Yet the billions that Blair's government propose to spend on this scheme will contribute little if anything to fighting terrorism. The Baader-Meinhof and Red Brigades terrorist attacks in the 1970s were both perpetrated in states with long established ID card schemes. More recently, the Madrid bombings were carried out in a state with an ID card scheme.
The money would be far more effectively spent by taking the fight to the terrorist networks, for example by infiltration.
Andy Cunnell, 15 years ago.

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