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I shall not be getting an id card as I Believe in a god who sees and knows everything, I already have a built in organic microchip called a pineal gland that links me straight up with my creator and I do not need a card to scare me into obeying laws that go against my beliefs.
As the christian church along with mrs windsor's government seems to be trying to turn anyone who genuinely believes in god /allah /buddah /jesus /krishna (whatever you want to call him) into an outlaw, I shall put my faith in my own sense of right and wrong and I believe murdering thousands of people to increase oil profits (when we could produce hemp seed ethanol and reverse the greenhouse effect for a fraction of the cost) is not the work of a goverment that I would put my trust in. sorry mr blair but I reserve my right to freedom even if I have to sacrifice this life to gain it, given the choice between going to prison with 50,000 like minded people or giving my mind to the satanists I know which I choose.
Gavin Smart, 15 years ago.

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