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Peter: There's a thread on this at

It's a good question; presumably either mobile biometric vans will turn up or people in some circumstances will be exempt.

Then there's the question of people who are unconscious (say in long-term comas). Iris scanning may be a little difficult there (unless the biometric teams have taken very close note of those eyelid clamps in "A Clockwork Orange") however if a stupID card is needed for NHS treatment such people will surely need to be on the NIR?

And how about people in psychiatric wards who may react violently to attempts to get them to stare into an iris scanner (a relative of mine is in a psychiatric unit suffering from dementia and is very likely to react this way under those circumstances).

And so on. It's odd, but those of us opposed to this foolishness seem able to produce more and more practical arguments against it, while those trying to force it upon us seem completely unwilling to realise that practical problems, as well as problems of civil rights and philosophy, exist. The prevailing attitude of Government seems to be to stick fingers in the ears and go "La la la, I can't hear you".
Tony Walton, 15 years ago.

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