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Assuming that this legislation is driven through, guess who's most likely to be implementing it ? EDS ?They have stated they have an expertise in ID cards - this would be the same company who are on the verge of being sued by the Inland Revenue for the outcome of another large IT project. (Computing - this week).

Let's face it, there is probably no company with the necessary skill set or experience to deliver this database, on time, or to any given budget. All the figures (even the LSE's) are guesses by any standards.

Just to round things off, how are they going to make it secure, or are DNA details to be made available to every competent hacker?

This scheme will just become (another) IT fiasco, if it goes ahead, over budget, late, fail to deliver to expectations, and insecure. (That pretty well sums up every other government driven large IT project from the last 20 years - NHS, Passports, Inland Revenue, Child Support Agency - need I go on).

We might as well just rip up £ 50 notes, it's cheaper.

Mark, 15 years ago.

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