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My apologies if I repeat the comments of anyone else...
A great friend of mine has pointed out an interesting weakness in this idea of a fighting fund, and that is that an offence of, say, refusing to register would be a civil offence, not a criminal one. This means that a court could not uphold your right to refuse to pay the ensuing fine because it would be a simple civil matter of debt enforcement. Rather like the Poll Tax, actually.
I could not approve of a riot as happened with the Poll Tax, but for all that the government of the day got the message! When push comes to shove, I think there's going to have to be plenty of people willing to chain themselves to fences and such like in order to hammer the message home, because that's all that can really kick this out now. I have an idea that this government is going to see this one through even if it kills them: in Parliament one hears all sorts of very cogent arguments against, and various back-benchers rebel, but it still gets through it's second-reading? Bizarre!
Richard Gray, 15 years ago.

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