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"Will the the last one to leave the UK please turn off the lights" is what The Sun said in 1992 to do if Kinnock won. He didn't. And Bliar isn't going to win this one either, if enough of us resist.

I just downloaded and started to read the 318 page LSE report ( ) and one thing it says (on page 257) is that one factor that will push up the cost and practicability of the stupID card and database beyond usability would be organised resistance to it:

"Dedicated and systematic disruption by even a tiny element of the population may create an administrative burden equivalent to the cost of managing ten or twenty times that number of people. We believe, based on results of opinion polling, that this group of dedicated non-co-operators may be quite significant, possibly as high as two per cent of the population. One such person working strategically and systematically can, quite feasibly, exhaust 200 hours of administration time through the generation of queries, appeals, access requests, database modification and general civil disobedience."

Which starts here. Fatalism, no. Action, yes.

And, sdenham, as for Blinkett using "clever" as an insult, I'm proud to be called "clever" by the likes of him. A bit like Prescott using "slim" as an insult or Bliar using "principled".
Tony Walton, 15 years ago.

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