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I assume that David Blunkett realised at the time he uttered that tripe that the "clever people" would see through what he was trying to do and resist.

Anyone know of a country where they dont care who it's citizens are and welcome immigrants without question? The more I read about this green and pleasant land and the shackles that are being placed upon us the more I want out.

I don't want to be a UK citizen any longer and this is all down to you Tony Blair you have destroyed a place that people used to be proud of. You took us into a war on a false premise, you bring in draconian anti-terror laws, you treat your own citizens like cattle, you side with a President that has questionable motives, a very bad track record on human rights and no respect for the environment, could you make things any worse?

Will the the last one to leave the UK please turn off the lights.
Duane Phillips, 15 years ago.

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