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Re: Silicone Synapse and passports.

The UK Passport Agency (UKPA) website says at

"The date for rollout of UK biometric passports is in the period January-July 2006."

elsewhere ( they say

"Key to this work will be the introduction from the end of this year of biometric ‘ePassports’, which will include a chip containing a scanned image of the holder’s unique facial features..."

So even from those two you can pick and choose between "the end of this year" and "January-July 2006". Received wisdom from the no2id message forums seems to be that it may be starting from October 2005 and in fact the UKPA site does at one point say ( )

"The primary biometric identifier approved by the International Civil Aviation Organisation is a facial recognition biometric (which can be derived from a passport photograph). The UKPS and FCO, in collaboration with international partners, (including the US), have a programme of work in place to implement this biometric in British passports from late 2005/early 2006. "

The answer seems to be "some time soon", then.

My passport expires in February 2006 and I'm taking no chances; after using the passport as ID evidence for my shiny new driving licence (see above) I'm applying for a new passport this week.

One nice thing; if you apply for a new passport when the old one's not expired they'll give you up to nine months extra time from the old one on the new one, so since mine expires in seven months time I should get a "ten year and seven months" one when I get the new one (does what I just said there make sense?)
Tony Walton, 15 years ago.

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