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Just a quicky about the governments road pricing scheme mentioned in the last post.

Why do we need fancy satellites and transponders fitted to vehicles when there is a very cheap and easy solution to road pricing: Abolish car tax, divide the £150 road fund licence/average amount of fuel used per year (which is about 400 gallons) and raise the duty on fuel by that amount (about 38p). Those that drive more than average pay more, those with big gas guzzlers pay more and those that want to sit on the M25 for 2 hours pay more.

Again the car tracking scheme smells more of government control than wanting to sort out congestion. They want to know where you are.

I wager that someone in government somewhere must be getting their palm greased by some techology company to allow them to provide the ID card and raod pricing solution.
Duane Phillips, 15 years ago.

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