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So, I'm dead set against ID cards and no way am I paying for one, because I trust the government as far as I can comfortably spit a camel, and a rabid camel at that.

I don't, in fact think that ID cards are all bad, all the way, (because they have them on the contient and use the to travel in Europe etc. and it's convenient to have something with your photo on it when you aren't being trusted by your bank etc to be who you say you are), but the very idea that the government is putting biometric data on it, and possibly keeping some of it from us is appalling. What protects us now is the disparity and rivalry between departments which means that all the information about us is not end to end coherent. I make a practice of entering something wrong when I fill in forms.

What is REALLY appalling though, is the idea that we will have the ID card, and then we will be required to provide our "number" when we buy a car, (You bet it will be on the registration document), and as the Government want to satellite track vehicle for the new "road tax" scheme based on milage, they will know who you are and where you are at all times. How long before the card has to be inserted into the car before the car will drive, so that the vehicle cannot be stolen or driven by unauthorised drivers, (on the surface a good idea), and how long before any violation, speeding by a mile an hour or two, a bit late at the lights, not stopping dead at a the stopping junction, or that bit of illicit parking we all do, even me, Mr Paranoia about where I park, do from time to time, is picked up by the ubiquitous black box and listed on our driving record with the attendent fines and penalties? How long before when you are pulled over, the central control can switch your car off remotely?

Not long I think.

Forgive me, I don't think you lot are paranoid enough. It may be 25 years late, but 1984 and a lot worse is here and coming into law right now...

Try this on for size too. I send a fake singal from say, my motorbike and commit a crime, not only is some poor bugger charged for that road milage, but they are charged with the crime too, using the supposedly "sound" evidence.
Friday, 15 years ago.

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