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ID cards will not stop identity theft. There was a report issued the other day with a conservative estimate that within 10 years biometric cards will be cracked. That I feel is a very conservative estimate I think it's probably closer to 2 years. If a man invents something another man can usually and quickly uninvent it.

If reliance on an ID card is the only check that will be used to prove who you say you are then that in itself is asking trouble as single points of failure with any critical system must never be allowed. If after ID cards are issued you still have to provide multiple forms of ID to confirm who you are, then what is the point of an ID card in the first place?

Im sorry to hear that you have been the victim of ID theft but the only way to combat that is to protect yourself. There have been several postings on here on how to do that and are worth a read.

I also think that people confuse credit card fraud for identity theft which really is a seperate issue. The phrase ID theft is used to scaremonger (see previous posts about propaganda)

ID cards are not the magic bullet to ending crime or terrorism. The only reason ID cards are put in place by governments is so that they can control the people. I for one shall not be collecting my yellow star. I'm sure some of Mr Bliars cronies monitor this site, so come on Tony tell us the real reason you're pushing for ID cards?

Say NO to ID, say NO to the database state.
Duane Phillips, 15 years ago.

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