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Tony Blair is perhaps the worst servant we've had working for us lately. All we've ever asked of him was to provide us with decent country to live in and not get too self important. Recently though he's been going on about solving poverty in Africa when really all we want is to get to work on time, enjoy reasonable health, hopefully not go to war with too many oil rich countries and end our days in relative prosperity or at least not in poverty. But anyway, he now seems to think that it is a good idea if we present ourselves at one of his interrogation centres or I think they’re calling them “biometric registration centres” (chilling) to provide his cronies with finger prints and other somewhat personal information so that we can be issued with personal ID cards. Well, in my opinion he can stuff these cards up his proverbial. He's no more than a jumped up servant and should be regarded as such. And as for that complete cretin working with him he should definitely stuff them away in a dark place. I’m sure he’ll find plenty or room.

Who's having inappropriate relations with whom here?

From a personal point of view I will be fifty years old in five years time when perhaps they send me a letter requesting my attendance at one of their new regional interrogation offices.

I am really living in Great Britain?

What did all those people die for in the two world wars last century?

Perhaps we’ll find out in World War Three.
Peter Stearn, 15 years ago.

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