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well i dont want a card i have nothing to hide at all.but i like my freedom to express myself and go where i want and would like to reserve the right our grandparents fought for, allowing me to stand up to people who would take that freedom away from me through their dictatorship. I just finished watching V for vendetta in the cinema and how similar does that look to where we are headed (in a hollywood sort of way).with the government filling us with fear by invading other peoples countries and then them retaliating against us. telling us of deadly bird flus, scary muslim extemeists and anything else in the world they can get us to be scared of or in a fight with,they have generated large amounts of fear of terrorism and anyone who differs from ourselves.this allows them to bring in an identity card which is supposed to help reduce terrorism and imigrants and benefit fraud amongst other things.with an identity card that can probably track our everymove, and we will no doubt one day not be able to buy toilet paper without showing it,they will have there foot in the door so to speak. once we are used to this it will be implanting small micro chips into us like we do with dogs saying it will be for our benefit as we wont need to carry cards as they can get lost or damaged costing us more money, reducing our tax bill (sounds great)and it will be better for the enviroment because plastic is bad for the environment and we dont want all that scary global warming do we(more fear). they will have total control of us leaving them with the ability to change laws and rules to suit them and anyone who stands in there way will easily be locatable and dealt with preventing any resistance against the government in any form, check mate.of course it wont start off like that at first im sure it will be a few limited things you require it for but then the requirements will probably grow over time untill you cant do anything without an id card.muhahahaha or perhaps in reality it will prevent anyone under 18 buying drink and knives and fireworks and other naughty things them kids shouldn't have that make our lives miserable, it might also speed up the process that gets us our various types of benefit, or save us digging around the house trying to find two forms of i.d every time you want a loan or credit card or even a video card so it may be a good thing after all hmmm....the debate continues.
gareth, 14 years ago.

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