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Re: Tony Walton's response to my query about Passports linked to ID Cards and thus being imprisoned if one refused the Card: you suggest applying for a new passport with "empty" biometric chip which they will be issuing after October 2005. What happens when they want to activate the "empty" chip when the ID Card scheme is up and running? Won't that mean you will be prevented from using your "useless" Passport until it has been made "useful" by having all the data put on it, with the addition of the ID Card?

They will have run a lot of publicity before "D" (for Doomsday) day telling everyone who has a passport with an empty chip that they have to fill in the requisite forms and comply with the biometrics to "enable" their passport ready for "D" day.

I may be not getting this, but I don't understand how your idea will work? Could you please enlighten me?
Judith Chisholm, 15 years ago.

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