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I don't know what kind of 'security analyst' Dami claims to be, but a lot of respected independent security technology people aren't very impressed by the UK plans for a National ID card.

For example, Bruce Schneier of Counterpane Systems in the U.S. (just voted one of the year's 25 top CTOs) has some written some very clear explanations of the many ways in which most proposed ID card schemes will fail to accomplish what we're told they'll do.

Most of the problems come in the back-end databases and our need to decide if we trust them or not.

On a related issue, he doesn't say biometric passports are pointless, just "I don't think that the additional security is worth the money and the additional risks. It's a bad security trade-off."

In fact, the main arguments against ID cards are just that we could get a lot better security for a lot less money.

Read more of the stuff of Schneier's site and you'll begin to see how simplistic Dami's analysis is. I'm starting to suspect 'security analyst' means he sets up network accounts for staff in a government call centre, but I'm sure he'll disclose his MI6 codename to us soon.

On a side issue, I seem to remember that the government changed the law a couple of years back to require UK citizens to have passports to leave and re-enter (although there's still no immigration check when you leave -- a much more obvious security loophole than having no ID cards). Back in the late 80s I did actually leave the country once without a passport, but I don't think I'd want to chance it now!
Rupert Clayton, 15 years ago.

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