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It goes without saying that I am utterly opposed to ID cards and will not hold one. However, I don't think anyone has adequately answered (or answered at all) how people are to resist accepting an ID card if it is linked, as it will be, to the issue of a Passport. Last night I went to the Big Big Brother NO2ID organised meeting in Central London. Dominic Grieve, the Conservative MP- a speaker - informed us that one doesn't need a Passport to leave or re-enter this country. This is interesting information which may be encapsulated in some obscure unwritten folklore somewhere - but useless. Can you imagine arriving at some foreign destination (if you had managed to leave Britain without a Passport and ID in the first place)and expecting to be let in? No way! And then, you return to Fascist Britain and smile, Passport-less, at Customs! What do you think would happen? If they are going to arrest people smoking in bus shelters then they'd probably hang you for trying to travel without a Passport and the by then mandatory ID Card.

Seriously, I would like to know what (or if) there is a solution to the Passport/ID tie-up. It seems to me the perfect catch. No-one wants to be imprisoned in this country before they've actually erected the barbed wire all round it. Please let me know.
Judith Chisholm, 15 years ago.

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