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History repeats itself. If you have not studied history, I suggest you do so; your response would seem to indicate that you have not. Comparing a government that existed 60 years ago is actually extremely relevant! Why? Because they are *all* run by human beings. Human beings have the same lust for power they've had since before the Middle Ages. They're as devious as Machiavelli, before and after he lived. Humanity does not change. We might get better technology, newer ways of living - but, deep down, we're still the same bunch of imperfect beings we've always been.

The issue with ID cards is one of trust - yes, this information is held (with the notable exception of DNA, fingerprints or iris scans). Some others, too - most notably previous addresses, other forms of ID that could be used as a passport, etc. Did you do your research before posting? It doesn't show. An ID card fixes none of the issues you have raised (a simple medical card would suffice for your allergy example, and they have been around for *years*). Again, you seem to be uninformed.

I think Dave Silvester said it best when he told you to "Get a clue". You should take his advice. Oh, and read up on the situation, because your ignorance is really obvious. Some of us *do* actually care enough about the issue at hand to at least familiarise ourselves with what we are facing.
Nobody, 15 years ago.

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