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My government is put in power by me to serve me not the other way round. So yes I am seeking freedom from my own government. Yes all the information is already available but because it is disjointed makes it a little awkward for those who dont need to know everything to actually collate it all.

You're right, money shouldnt be wasted on fighting this but the UK government shouldn't just throw £18bn at a flawed scheme either. Imagine the poverty and suffering you could relieve with that sort of money. The money could also be put into renewable energy and stop our reliance on oil which seems to be the root cause of a lot of wars.

If I collapse in the street and I dont dont have my ID card on me or it is damaged then a doctor is going to have the same idea on how to treat me in the future as he has today. Those with serious allergies already tend to carry information about how to treat them in a medical emergency so using that as a case for ID cards is a very weak argument.

ID card's don't make society more secure. Take the instance of Spain where they already have ID cards. It didn't stop terrorists blowing up trains did it?

I refuse to have to pay for something I for which I have no need.
Duane Phillips, 15 years ago.

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