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The reason your grandfather had to fight in World War II was because the German citizens didn't resist their Nazi government when it came into power, and started abusing its authority. What happened? World war for everyone, including the Germans. Make no mistake - the average German citizen didn't enjoy the war any more than we did, and I bet they had plenty of time to repent at leisure.

If the German populace had resisted the Nazi government, and told them where to stick their plans, we would never have had World War II. Would we have called them terrorists? No. I think we would have called them heroes. Like Australia and New Zealand - both have recently rejected ID card schemes exactly like this one. Yup, databases and everything. So take heart - it's not impossible!

The moral of this story? Think globally, act locally. Sometimes, it's more than just *your* problem!
Nobody, 15 years ago.

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