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Oh, i touched a few sensitive spots.

I think it is actually wrong in comparing your government to the holocaust 60 years ago.

I do am happy to read the fact that some people are bright enough to see that the government has this information already. They now want it in a centralized database.

See the following (being security analyst for a government institution helps a lot). The government has this information already. It is stored in a database, but let's say 'nobody (gov)' tells you.

Then, this site wouldn't exist, and all of you could spend their money on people who really need it, like the tsunami relief funds and so on. Nobody would be worried about their privacy. Now, when they tell you and issue ID cards.. all of the sudden this endangers your privacy.

Providing an increment of protection towards both the government and towards its inhabitants, the government wants to issue these cards.

Your phone calls are being tapped if you are on a blacklist.
Your internet connections are being captured.
Your purchases are being recorderd.
Your medical records are being kept.
Whatever time you spend in the army, is kept.. together with all results from psychological tests then.
All crimes you did, are kept.. even though they "expired".

This was happening years ago already, so don't you think it's too late?

No I don't live in the UK, though I spent 2 weeks a month there nowadays.

Look to countries around you, countries that have a much higher safety and stability level? Yes, they have ID cards.

Take an example of an adolecent girl that is kidnapped, raped and badly needs medical treatment, all she's carrying is het ID card and the doctor is notified just before he wants to inject a huge shot of peniceline that she is alergic for that and might cost her her life.

If you want privacy, there are ways to ensure this privacy, but when the need for any government is needed, people take this all for granted. You want privacy? Use encryption, don't post on the internet, hook up to a phone booth to connect to the internet and change e-mail addresses every week.

Though yes, some information shouldn't be on the card. But it's either give or take (and with government it's allways a "take").

I do agree with Duane Philips that this is an impact on privacy, and yet freedom. Though freedom is many times an illusion, same in this case.

Who are you trying to be free from? Your own government?
dami, 15 years ago.

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