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I suspect that the mythical 70% (or is it 80%, or 55% this week?) of the population who are said to be pro ID cards are pro ID cards for "them". "Them" being illegal immigrants, criminals, people who follow dodgy religions, talk funny, scam the benefit system or even claim benefits at all, eat odd food or in other ways aren't "us". "We", of course, won't be affected. I'm beginning to think that's what people actually mean by "If you've nothing to hide..." They actually mean "I personally won't have to have a card at all BECAUSE I've nothing to hide that I personally don't approve of".

Once it dawns on the great British public that it's not just "them" that'll be ordered down to the police station to be fingerprinted, it's "people like us" who have "nothing to hide" as well, the percentage in favour might drop markedly. After all, "they" are dodgy criminal types who deserve ID cards. "We" aren't.
Tony Walton, 15 years ago.

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