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Rick, thanks for showing us your true face...

As for ID cards and criminals - the sick fuck that stole my handbag, from my lap whilst I was in my wheelchair would not have been deterred by ID cards. Police said they were probably a junkie.

If as expected his fingerprints are already on file, then the envelope that once held cash in my bag which they opened, will help identify them to police.

I'd prefer that the money to be wasted on ID cards went towards proper, high quality drug rehab and counselling, with a higher profile for police on the streets, which has more of a chance of stopping crime such as these.

Rick, before you start whineing, I'm not a bleeding heart liberal - just seen first hand how rehab saved an old schoolfriend, making him a constructive, hard working member of our community, whilst another acquaintance was banged up, not given any rehab with freely available drugs in prison, and the first thing he did on his release was robbery to fund his habit.

ID cards will not stop the things you screech about, but well-funded and thought-through policies can.
j, 14 years ago.

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