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Hey you know what? - it would be a waste to spend 30 billion quid on ID cards.

Why don't we spend it arming the police, giving them training, and telling them to shoot burglars, car thieves, muggers, rapists etc - that would solve prison over-crowding, and also act as a fantastic deterrent - that junkie would think twice about stealing for his fix if he knew he would run the risk of getting a cap in his ass !!!

An old woman of 80 was recently punched in the face by a teenage thug, who stole her fish supper and the £1.50 or so she had in her purse. The shock was too much for her system and she later died.

Within a month this scum bag is back on the street!

If the cops had just shot him when they found him, then no more problem !!!! - and I tell you what, less crime because if you get caught, you die !!!

Forget ID cards, arm the police, and really get tough on crime.

Rick Elliott, 14 years ago.

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