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Edmund, Whate are you on? All the details already held about me are on seperate databases, I don't have a police record (not even a caution) and as such they don't have my fingerprints. So, if I have never done anything wrong (and don't intend to). Why should I submit my fingerprints to a central database that thousands of PRIVATE companies will have access to? And as far as I know, the fingerprints being submitted as part of this scheme will not be cross referenced with unsoved crimes. Even if they were (and the database query for this would take years to execute), you are assuming that fingerprints were found at the crime scene. Chances are, they weren't. Do you honestly believe that however much ID cards end up costing us (be it 5 bilion, 10 billion or 30 Billion) that the money wouldn't be more effectively spent on the police force? I'm sure if you asked any chief police officer or a PC walking the street, whether they would prefer an extra 5/10/30 Billion in funding or ID cards, what do you think the answer would be? They have ID cards in other countries, not to the same extent we are proposing, but they have them. Has crime been dramatically reduced there? No, because they don't make the slightest bit of difference. If anything, they make it worse because people perceive crimes like fraud to be impossible with ID cards, all that really happens, is that the nature of crime evolves. It is a complete waste of money, every day there are announcements of thousands of job losses in hospitals, I can't get into a dentist anywhere (not even 15 miles away), public transport is a disgrace and expensive, the roads are falling apart, prisons are over crowded, people are losing millions on bankrupt pension funds & we have a growing energy crisis. Yet, despite all these huge problems, you think it is a good idea to spend tens of billions of public money on ID cards!
Andy, 14 years ago.

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