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Rick, if you had any brain cells left after your BNP meetings, you would know that suicide bommers almost always have no previous convictions. How many of the July 7 bommers had ever done anything wrong in the past? That is the whole point about suicide bommers, they have normal jobs, a house, a family, they work hard, don't claim benfits and appear to be completely law abiding citizens. Lessons Osama learnt directly from the CIA during the Afghan war with Russia in the eighties! Even if they had been very naughty in the past, how would an ID card help stop them blowing up a bus? If the police know they are extremists, then they know whether we have ID cards or not. It won't make any difference, all ID cards will do is to encourage people like you that the database can be used to isolate more and more people, which in turn will feed more extremism and more terrorists.
Andy, 14 years ago.

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