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Anyone with the knowledge and tools can get into any system. It's all about time & patience. Getting into a bank is relatively straight forward, it's fairly common! But to do it and make a profit involves transferring money, this leaves a trail from which you can easily get caught. People hacking into the ID card system will do it just to read your records and potentially edit them. You might be fine with this, but I am not! So, are you saying that I can't refuse something that I don't want? Do you think it is fair to force someone to register their details, if they don't want to and have done nothing wrong? Don't say it's voluntary because we all know that if I want a passport I have to have an ID card, that isn't voluntary.
All the people who support this (no where near 70 % from my experience), have never been able to tell me HOW ID cards will stop all the anti social behaviour. So Edmund, we have a junkie, wanting to get £20 for his next fix. How will an ID card stop him smashing you in the face and nicking your wallet? If you can tell me that I will be a step closer to accepting them. How will it make someone who is a lazy article, getting off their arse and getting a job? And, if I chose to blow up a bus in London, how would an ID card stop me from doing it? ID cards will NOT change behaviour (how on earth can they), they are for IDENTIFICATION, hence the name ID card! They are to be used for commercial purposes to prove who you are when you sign up for credit or claim benefits and to allow the Government to sell your details onto mass marketing companies. That's it! Please PROVE to me how they can do anything else.
Andy, 14 years ago.

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