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The Unemployed should clock in at the job centre at 6 am and out at 3pm everyday with their new I.D.card.Why are we so soft in this country.I am on a bus,a full bus,at 6 a m everyday with all the hardworking time clocking workers in London.The unemployed are still asleep in their nice warm beds waiting for their free payments to pop through their letter box.If I were unemployed I would not complain if Instead of going into London on a cold bus I could just sign on at the jobcentre.
I would stay in my routine and if I could not get a job I would be pleased with my benefits,as I deserve.It would also stop me from getting another cash in hand job due to my attendance times....KEN.. £8 BIT STEEP old chap. This may swing some onto the dole.

Can someone in the great solar
explain .If these hackers can get into
your accounts anyway .why are you worried about us having the new
EDMUND, 14 years ago.

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