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The majority of criminals are on drugs or its impulse crime.They will smash your car window or your face with whatever they can get their hands on at the spur of the moment.Get their hands on means fingerprints.Todays headlines.(not the 10 oclock news 1st june 2013) Mobile phone theft at record high.That means assaults on men woman AND CHILDREN are out of control.Stop this selfish attitude and think of the silent 20 million nic.We dont need Blair bashing,if it were Cameron it would still be 70% in favour of Protection cards (I.D. Cards)My Lords,with great respect,please think of the common people who are suffering daily with these criminals.Give the police all the help they need.This is not political.This is common sense.
My recent research answers.
Mr shopping centre manager what do you think of
Bring them in now was the answer.We are fed up with,not only known drug addicts,who need to feed a £200 a day habit
but also the gangs of pickpockets.
Underground type turnstiles and the honest customers would love it.They welcomed the exclusion of the hoodies didnt they.Remember the shops charge 3%
to cover theft.This could be refunded to the customer.
EDMUND, 14 years ago.

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