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What happens if someone presses the abusive report it button? is the article automatically removed? Surely that could allow government agents to
take down any postings that are to close to the mark!

I read one that has now vanished and it included a convincing argument that Blair is a Trojan horse planted in the labour party to undermine the democratic will of the people when they attempted to choose a less right wing administration in the 97 election. This does indeed seem to be the case as Blair Labour are hideously right wing and i cant believe its accidental and things have just turned out that way by brut bad luck. Therefore the only explanation is conspiracy and from the nature of Blairs political agenda distinctly fascist. This is an all or nothing proposition!
Either Blairs right wing coup of the labour party was an accidental outcome or it was deliberately planned. I conclude in the balance of probability it is more likely to have been deliberately planned and if that is the case then though it may seem incredible to some, there is a conspiracy to create some sort of one party (fascist) state! A perpetual right wing administration pursuing a right wing agenda regardless of who the people elect or what name the party has!
Its interesting to note that when you accept this it explains so many things in recent political events that just didn't make sense.Think about it and
draw your own conclusions.
I wonder if this article gets removed from the postings...?
Twilight, 15 years ago.

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