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before you say anything Richard, I work in IT, have not been to uni and am definately not a left wing activist. Quite the opposite!
Even if you ignore all the idealistic notions of living in a free society, the bottom line is that this database will be hacked within months of it going Live. The basic notion (as I understand it from my MP) is that it will be used by private business (& Government agencies) to prove soemones identification when they apply for benefits or credit (say you want to buy a TV on Interest free credit at Currys). This way (the Government says) we can stop all fraud by using biometrics rather than easily forged documents such as driving licenses & gas bills. That means, there will be live connections from different companies to this database, this means using the Internet because t will be far more cost efficient to do it this way. What this also means is that, potentially, every person in the world could access it!
And what happens if someone registers their biometrics but your name to get a card? What happens if the database is hacked and all that lovely information about you is sold to the highest bidder? No database in the world is 100% secure and with the kind of data being held in one place the system will act like a magnet to every hacker/criminal organisation in the world. Even on a very basic level, a hacker could use the data to send you loads of junk mail? The point is, the money can be better spent addressing the problems of crime and on a better police force. There are so many problems with this system it can't be allowed to go ahead.
I have absolutely nothing to hide, but the point is, why should I have to prove that I have nothing to hide? Everyone is innocent until PROVEN guilty, the Governemnt seems to be taking us down a road to reverse this basic right of a free society. A road I don't want to go down.
Andy, 14 years ago.

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