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I should apologise and thank Tess for pointing out the unintended tone of my comments - I never meant to say that all people on benefits are scroungers, I hope I never become that full of angry stereotypes. I just wanted to illustrate, as so many people have already, that the kind of "problems" that people are trying to apply the ID card solution to are impractical.

I'll take my university degree in psychology (not to be confused with sociology) and sit in a crime ridden area of a major city, in my own house, and choose not to look at ID cards through rose-tinted glasses as the magic cure for problems in society. Labelling me as a bleeding heart liberal may or may not be correct, but it does nothing to further your arguement apart from show that at least your ill-conceived stereotypes are not limited to foreigners.

I do not have anything to hide, but I do not want to be spied on.... Also, given the rise of parties such as the BNP, I choose not to give every government from here onwards the right to look at every piece of information ever collected about me.
melancholly, 14 years ago.

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