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State benefits are a good thing - same as the NHS - something we should be proud of.

However, once society as a whole started to deteriorate, and morals started to disappear, and successive governments started chasing votes from single moms etc we got a situation where teenage girls would get pregnant just because they knew they would get a council house - more kids = more money, so some will have 4 or 5 kids all with different fathers. People also don't want to take menial jobs - sometimes they are better off on benefits, and this can't be good.

I know this first hand because I grew up and still live on a council estate.

Solution ? - We should take a leaf out of Germany's book - there, if you are unemployed, you get state benefits, but you have to work for them - road sweeping, cleaning up the town etc. This isn't viewed as menial over there - the people are respected for doing the job.

Anyway - back to the topic:-

If you are a law abiding citizen, then you should have no problem with ID cards or a national ID database - it is a good thing if it can stop crime or increase the speed at which criminals are brought to justice.

to melancholly; ID cards won't stop british born and bred scroungers no, we have to bring in incentives to work, or rather deterrents to not working.

What ID cards will stop is the hoardes of knife-wielding 18-30 year old eastern european men we see loafing around our town centres, sporting expensive leather jackets and Elvis hair cuts, hanging around, smoking, drinking, pick-pocketing and intimidating our women - That's also a fact - ask me, I live in one of those towns !!! - my Nan has lived there all her life, she is now scared to walk to town alone. So to all you left-wing do-gooders with your university degrees in sociology, typing away from the back bedroom of your parents house in some leafy suburb - wake up and smell the coffee - I'm not a racist - I'm a realist !!!
Richard Elliott, 14 years ago.

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