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Folks, it's rant time...

I am sick of this "if you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear" garbage! As I have nothing to hide, I have no reason to submit to a police state - end of story!

I fully expect to be arrested and potentially jailed for refusing the ID scheme in the future, and I accept this risk because the alternative (being subjected to biometric tests and stored in a monolithic database) is treating us like criminals already.

If they make criminals out of law abiding citizens trying to preserve our freedoms in a non-violent manner, then our suspicions will be confirmed.

This is tantamount to legitimising political imprisonment, and shows exactly the direction our crackpot government is headed in.

We should not need a license to exist in our own country... just who do they think they are?

Blair and your band of sycophant cronies - F#CK OFF!!

Politicians are the ones who cause ALL these problems in the first place with their pig-headed arrogance and exploitational use of other countries such as Iraq for their own gain.

We would not have a terrorist problem if it wasn't for the idiotic actions of our politicians - now and in the past - meddling in the affairs of other people.

So tell me, when this is all their fault in the first place, why should we take the fall and pay for it with our rights?

War mongering politicians are the real terrorists, they are the real threat, and they are the ones who should be treated like the criminals they truly are!

To make it worse, our "democratic" system is so badly broken it doesn't even give us a real chance to get rid of these morons who are ruining our country.

When only 36% of voters (so that's much less than 36% of eligable adults) voted for the party who has 58% of the seats, something is seriously wrong.

Will it ever change? Probably not without a revolution of some kind, and I guess that's where we are heading because we are being pushed to it.

Well Mr. Blair, if you thought we were p#ssed off about the war in Iraq, have you got another thing coming if you try and force us to have ID cards!

No ID cards EVER!!
Electoral reform RIGHT NOW!!
Dave Silvester, 15 years ago.

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