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In reponse to Darren Newton:

I was reading on yesterday that the government has not ruled out inserting RFID chips into the proposed ID cards. If that happens then not only will they know who you are but where you are too. Combine that with road taxing and GPS tracking and our very last vestiges of freedom will just disappear.

I suppose it isnt so far fetched to take the next step and get rid of cash then everything you do can be tracked and even taxed!

You know the odd job you do for your friend and for giving him a hand he gives you £10. With this new cash free society he will be able to electronically transfer the money to your bank via your new ID card. Government computers will monitor the card and see untaxed money passing through it and kerrrr-ching 25% deducted.

Perhaps you innocently buy a basket of household chemicals bleach etc, in this new cash free society (All checkout operators will be made redundant. The goods you buy are RFID chipped and automatically logged against your ID card as you leave the store and the money electronically transfered through your ID card). Mixing these chemicals in a certain combination can be used to make bombs, but you have no knowledge of this. The next thing you know is the Armed Response Unit come crashing through your door and all you wanted to do was clean the bathroom!

You check out a set of books at the library which you will do via your ID card (You'll just walk out of the library with the books as they have RFID chips in them too so can automatically log themselves against your card. All librarians will be made redundant.) The next thing you know you have a mob of MI5 agents watching your every move for being a subversive (we're probably already on some government hit list somewhere!)

I'm sure all the above can be done now without ID cards but just think how much easier it will be to control us with RFID cards.

One final word on RFID chips is that they can easily be blocked by wrapping them in tin foil. You may need this information in the future!

Ladies and gentlemen this is the very thin end of the wedge. United we stand!

Darren Newton, 15 years ago.

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