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What do I say to those who argue 'nothing to hide, nothing to fear'?

1. If I have nothing to hide, it's none of the government's business. Innocent until proven guilty; not "required to prove oneself innocent of criminal intent, otherwise assumed guilty".

2. There's plenty to fear even if innocent.
a) The technology is fallible in several ways and its operation is open to abuse in several ways. False accusations and false convictions are a certainty.
b) These cards will waste the resources of the police and public services (by increasing crime as well as all the maintenance/admin costs), taking money away from where it's needed - that hurts all of us.

3. Some people have things to hide which should not be available to anyone who can read a database (either its maintenance staff or hackers). People living legitimately under changed identities because of threat of violence, for example.
Eleanor Crawford, 15 years ago.

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