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I'm with Joe Kavanagh I will gladly donate £10 per month on top of my original pledge. Seems like a good insurance policy to me.

My son has signed up on here too. He's only 13 but he can see the way this is going to mess up his and his peers future.

I've been spreading the word via online forums that are discussing ID cards such as Hopefully if all us who are currently on the list can reach just one other person then we should easily smash the target set by Phil Booth.

The one thing that frustrates me are the number of apethetic people around. I've tried to spread the word at work and get comments like "Whats the point the government will just push ID cards through anyway" and "I dont understand enough about ID cards to have an opinion"! It's no wonder Blair and crewe can do as they please with people like that voting for them.
Duane Phillips, 15 years ago.

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