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The bill that's just passed its second reading includes this:

"The things that an individual may be required to do under subsection (4) are—

(a) to attend at a specified place and time;

(b) to allow his fingerprints, and other biometric information about himself, to be taken and recorded;

(c) to allow himself to be photographed;

(d) otherwise to provide such information as may be required by the Secretary of State."

That sounds like a photo-opportunity to me. At the required day and time, turn up at the specified place and then calmly and peacefully protest against and resist points b) through d). If several people do this at the same time in each place (organised in advance via internet), in the presence of forewarned local press, it could be quite effective. Peaceful protest and articulate explanation of one's reasons need to be paramount throughout.
Eleanor Crawford, 15 years ago.

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