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ID schemes can only work by making it a criminal offence to fail to produce ID when required or by making access to a whole range of commercial services such as banking and travel inaccessible without producing ID.

Had this been proposed by Mrs T's administration I have no doubt that there would have already been mass demonstrations. What is it with the great British public - Tony and his cronies may always have firmly fixed smug smiles and may always offer a 'reasonable' arguement but they are against liberty and want to control YOUR lives.

We already have a higher penetration of CCTV than any other state in Europe. We willingly give over sensitive information to commercial organisations (just think about how much Tesco knows about its Clubcard holders). The government already expects Internet Service Providers and telephone companies to retain call details. If we drive in central London Ken and his men will know. And shortly we will be compelled to have tracking deivces fitted to our vehicles so that the government will know where our vehicles are at any one time.

Suggestion for Uncle Tony - why not go the whole way? Let's DNA swab children at birth, and extend the chipping of dogs to humans.

Final point - ID cards will not prevent terrorism, protect our children from perverts or stop organised crime. As the American Phil Zimnmerman said,

"When privacy is outlawed, only outlaws will have privacy."

Think about it.
Malcolm Highfield, 15 years ago.

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